Camping has never been more popular and thus campgrounds are often completely full and reserved months in advance. Your only chance to camp is to hope someone's plans change and they cancel their reservation. Freeing up space for you.

How will you know there is now a few nights available? We will tell you. Our service checks for available campsites every few minutes and sends off an email giving you a heads up. That's it. That simple. It will be then up to you to actually reserve the open spot.

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Fan Mail

As evidence of the effectiveness of your service I just scored Bahia Honda which is like winning the lotto! WOOOO HOOOO!

My wife and I are HUGE fans of your app. You helped us to find incredible places to stay for the two weeks that we spent traveling our national parks a couple years back, plus we've found it increasingly helpful now that we live in the PNW. Thanks for building such a great tool/service AND for sharing it!

You are amazing! Thank you so much. This is the only way we have been able to get these sites and they are a treat for our whole family. Really appreciate your help!

I am so grateful for your program! This is a game changer for those who can’t book a year in advance! I was able to go camping last weekend and it was due to your program. Thank You, thank you, thank you!!!

Great job! Another vacation reservation thanks to your great website! Keep up the good work!

I think your site is worthless...

Your site is amazing!

Thanks for providing such a great service! I'm grateful that this exists since I love last-minute trips to paradise in the great outdoors

Words cannot convey how much I appreciate your website!

Just wanted to say Thank You sooooooooo much – this makes camping for our family possible at our favorite spots.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this service. It is priceless to me! I have been able to snag many FL state park reservations (and other states as well) using this service. I appreciate this so much and just wanted to say thank you!

Let me say that Wandering Labs is an amazing site. I thank you for all the opportunities that you gave us to go camping when we couldn’t get a site. You created memories for us.

I just stumbled upon your site, and just wanted to say thank you!!! This is exactly what we've been looking for, and thanks to you we were able to snag a campsite for next week!

Last summer we ended up at the most amazing site at a campground on the coast here in Oregon. It was absolutely magical and we never would have discovered it without you (the campground has a reputation for being overcrowded and impossible to book, so we've avoided it in the past). Thank you, thank you!!!

I just wanted to drop you a note about how awesome your service is. I have checked out several other sites that offer a similar service but yours beats the rest, hands-down. The simplicity, effectiveness, and awesomeness of the service you provide is great, we truly appreciate it.

Wow! Just heard about this service. Dude. Serious... WE GOT THE THREE NIGHTS! It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in there...

We have been 100% successful, getting every campground, we’ve ever requested since we heard about WL 2.5yrs ago. That includes all the most popular FL campgrounds, the last two winters. You guys are awesome!

You guys provide an incredible service, thanks to you we've been to places we've never dreamed of booking before, and we look forward to so many more.


I'm Tim and I had a problem. My wife and I live fulltime in our Airstream and hate planning more then a month or two in advance but we love staying at our awesome (and well used) public campgrounds. I built this service to solve a problem and then decided to share. If you have comments or questions you can email me at: info@wanderinglabs.com. I'll do my best to get back to you.

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