Tim Watson
Wandering Labs
Blending technology with travel and possibly a bit of creativity!

Recent Work

Reserve / Campground Full?
Monitors popular campground reservation websites looking for new availabilities. Notifies matching requests via email or txt msg.
Travel Posters
(Coming Soon) Custom printed maps of your travel or roadtrip

One offs and Art Projects

Watsons Wander Travel Map
D3.js based maps showing all the places we have stayed year by year
Live Infographic
Infographic and map full of statistics of our 7+ year travels around the US
Preprogrammed playlists of animations that control the led lights on my Airstream. Tech Stack: Vue.js -> PubNub -> Raspberry Pi Zero W -> Pm2 -> Node.js -> OPC -> FadeCandy -> WS2811 RGB LED

What can I code for you?